Rapid7: Simplifies Security Concerns by Detecting Intruders Earlier in the Attack Chain

CIO Vendor Enterprise security is rapidly evolving as new threats emerge every day. With more data, devices and regulations than ever before, securing access to the large volume of information created and stored has become a challenge. Rapid7, headquartered in Boston, looks to powering the practice of security operations or SecOps as the means to helping modern organizations advance securely.

“Rapid7 deals with SecOps which means implementing all of the security controls that the organization needs,i.e.,creating a monitoring environment, including incident detection and response capabilities, so that one can extract relevant information from your security controls, identify security incidents and respond. We even scan vulnerabilities through our vulnerability management solution ingesting threat intelligence into your platform, and automating tasks, which creates more operational and cost efficiency”, says Neil Campbell, VP-APAC, Rapid7.

Rich Portfolio of Security Enablement
Headquartered in Boston, with an Indian office in Bengaluru, Rapid7 provides a technology platform that helps to create processes rather than services. Rapid7’s Managed Detection and Response services are like an army of cyber guardians for the network. With a services team performing 24/7 monitoring, Rapid7 helps mitigate the organizational challenge of finding the time, talent, and technology to expertly detect and respond to breaches. Additionally, Rapid7’s Managed AppSec services allow offloading the organization’s application security program from scan management and vulnerability validation to pen testing.

Rapid7’s experts guarantee a consistent application assessment process to help clients minimize their workload, maximize productivity, and free up
capacity for other tasks. To support these services, the company’s Managed Vulnerability Management team also help clients quickly leverage their investment in InsightVM (Rapid7 product to implement VRM) to increase productivity by handling operational requirements. The company utilizes orchestration and automation via Insight Connect. Herein, one can streamline the manual, repetitive tasks with connect and go workflows without requiring any code. This saves users’ time,i.e. where a task takes 29 minutes to perform, it can be reduced to one minute.

Rapid7’s experts guarantee a consistent application assessment process to help clients minimize their workload, maximize productivity, and free up capacity for other tasks

Rapid7 provides visibility, analytics, and automation delivered through Insight Cloud which simplifies complex operations and helps security teams to reduce vulnerabilities, monitor for malicious behavior, investigate & shut down attacks, and automate routine tasks. As a recent example, Rapid7 helped a major Airline overcome a serious string of security incidents. Utilizing the Insight Platform, Rapid7 was able to help the client visualize, understand and devise counter measures to rectify the security anomalies observed.

To continue this journey, Rapid7 will keep on building platforms with rich features that will speak at the heart of value and will be fully interpreted and highly automated for security operations. Rapid7’s current focus is to evolve their security platform that aims to reduce risk across the entire connected environment in a cost effective manner.