ColorTokens: Zero Trust Approach for Exceptional Visibility to the Business’ Entire Network

CIO Vendor With the evolution of cloud adoptions and migration to hybrid data centers,organizations began to revisit their security strategy. This gave way to introducing more hardware/software security products to their existing infrastructure, at several layers, which created traffic bottlenecks, management overhead and inconsistencies in policy implementations across the network. Also, most security solutions provided visibility only into North South traffic while having inadequate East West visibility covering the server to server traffic that accounts for over 80 percent of all enterprise traffic. To simplify security and provide security teams with deep visibility into security gaps, California based ColorTokens built a unified platform using a software defined framework based on zero trust. The company adheres to a 'one agent, one platform’ approach, enabling security teams to not only visualize all critical assets (workloads, applications, users, endpoints) and communications, but also micro segment the network to enforce security policies that remain consistent even in dynamic multi cloud, mobile user environments.

Built with the zero trust approach, ColorTokens stops known, unknown, and zero day threats, without the need for siloed point security products, additional hardware, or multiple visibility tools. More so, the zero trust security applies for all three levels, i.e. Network, Process and Application. This is achieved by building the ColorTokens platform with a modern, holistic security approach, thereby achieving 360 degree visibility and protection for enterprises. This allows enterprises to achieve faster time to compliance and the flexibility & confidence to securely isolate critical assets, restrict user and application access to sensitive data, and maintain detailed communication logs for forensic investigations.

Dissolving Perimeters of Traditional and Cloud Security
Cloud security is fundamentally different from traditional IT security since it involves protection of workloads and data that are hosted on 3rd party hardware infrastructure. ColorTokens delivers a unified and proactive security platform for the modern cloud ready enterprise. ColorTokens addresses cloud security challenges by bringing the same levels of security visibility and control to cloud workloads that security teams are
accustomed to in their own data centers.

Extending the Endpoint Security Expertise
One of the biggest challenges presently experienced by enterprises refers to the potential of endpoint security solutions to guarantee a solid security posture in all types of environments in which it gets deployed in, whether virtual or physical endpoint. ColorTokens endpoint security works at the kernel level to detect, alert and prevent unauthorized processes running on the end-points and critical servers.

ColorTokens delivers a unified and proactive security platform for the modern cloudready enterprise

Built around a zero trust approach, ColorTokens provides enterprises with full visibility and control of the endpoint processes to effectively lock down and protect the systems. ColorTokens software agent is ultra light weight, enabling it to protect even legacy, unpatched systems and special purpose systems (like ATMs, kiosks, etc.) with slower processing power and RAM.

An international airport was using external agencies to manage over 70 percent of its daily operations. Thousands of endpoints and critical resources were being accessed by employees and third party contractors with different security clearance levels. This made most endpoints vulnerable to Advanced Persistent Threats (APT lateral threats), malware, and ransomware. The customer deployed ColorTokens Xprotect to protect thousands of endpoints against cyberattacks at five terminals handling a total capacity of 65 million passengers. All systems, including the ones that were not part of the airport common network, were secured and configured to a unified dashboard to attain full visibility and control of the processes.

With this one of its kind zero trust approach, ColorTokens Inc., headquartered in Santa Clara, with its R&D centers in Bengaluru and Hyderabad, continues to redefine the way enterprises protect and visualize their business, assets, and brand in today's modern work and threat environment.