CloudOptics: Enabling Widespread Visibility to Enterprises for Consistent Security

CIO Vendor Ensuring data protection in cloud is paramount today. Data is present far and wide in this era of digital transformation and as more sensitive and important data is stored in the cloud, the perceived risks regarding all these data increases. Headquartered in New Jersey with an Indian office in Bengaluru, CloudOptics has a unique multicloud cybersecurity platform which provides complete visibility and holistic security to enterprises. To ensure this cloud security, CloudOptics administers access controls, guards sensitive data, and checks risky activities for the largest and most demanding industries like financial services, healthcare, retail, and energy industries amongst many others. It is worthwhile to point out that Cloud Security is a horizontal solution, which cuts across all industries.

“There are organizations which are taking steps to secure their data. And then there are other organizations which are not taking steps to monitor their security controls for sufficiency and effectiveness. In a multicloud scenario, it becomes all that more complex for organizations to pull off on their own and need dedicated security offerings like CloudOptics”, says Aseem Rastogi, Founder & CEO, CloudOptics.

Far Reaching Cloud Expertise
CloudOptics provides services in different offerings such as on demand advisory & assessments, continuous security monitoring and many more. As enterprise computing enters in cloud era, it is futile to solely rely on routine assessments to prevent compromises. Organizations continue to struggle to achieve compliance and protect critical IT assets despite having a comprehensive vulnerability assessment program. CloudOptics integrates with all the major solution based industry leaders and unifies the visualization matrix on a single dashboard. Security threats, performance issues, scanned results, asset management, cost optimization and compliance posture are streamlined for effective, proactive security management.
With the help of these offerings, the cloud-based solution of CloudOptics provides comprehensive security and compliance systems designed to help financial industries. This helps them to see all assets across their organization, continuously identify vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, and accurately prioritize their response to rigorously protect customer data. With deep actionable insights, IT managers can directly drill into specific assets and identify root cause for policy violation.

CloudOptics understands the pressure and complexity of keeping patients and employee’s data safe and goes beyond just passing compliance audits

Likewise, CloudOptics understands the pressure and complexity of keeping patients and employee’s data safe and goes beyond just passing compliance audits. CloudOptics enables healthcare industries to become entirely compliant by continuously monitoring and prioritizing the organization's access risk to confirm that only appropriate people have access to the right information at the right time.

Besides, most of the customers have been on cloud for some time, but have not been in the forefront of securing it. CloudOptics created a quick visibility for one of its fintech customers. CloudOptics chose Assessment and advisory offering to highlight their issues within an hour. This helped client to find the report of risk associated with cloud deployments, of which customer’s IT team were completely unaware of. Customer quickly signed up for continuous monitoring from CloudOptics and was instantly able to up their game and assure their customers about using services. While CloudOptics works as a digital security system, it also enables trust of their customers and help clients to be a differentiator in the market place.