SecurelyShare: Empowering Consumers and Enterprises with Total Control of their Data

CIO Vendor Today’s world is being bombarded with huge amounts of data. Hence, storing, securing, and making the best use of it has become a major concern for every industry vertical. Moreover, India is rapidly moving from a data poor to data rich economy, with increased digitization disrupting all walks of lives, while simultaneously reducing the cost of transactions and increasing the speed of service delivery. We are undoubtedly at the intersection of data democratization and data security/privacy where businesses are in need of solutions which possess privacy-by-design and data security deeply embedded within, which will aid them with better data security, data privacy, data governance, consent management, and secure computing.

Focusing on these areas and providing its clients with holistic solutions is SecurelyShare. Established in 2017, the company has combined all the key elements from security, consent management, to data management and analytics within a single platform, thereby deriving maximum value out of the data, with consent, while maintaining data privacy and data security.

“With over a decade of experience on file and document security, the company has 6 granted patents in this space with many more in the draft stage,” highlights Prakash Baskaran, Founder and MD, SecurelyShare. “Our products have a horizon of 5 to 10 years which not just aid in overcoming current challenges but also looks at the broader picture of delivering future-ready products concerning security tools and disruptive new-age technologies,” he adds.

Enabling Secure Internal and External Communication
Built on the five pillars of Trust, Security, Convenience, Privacy Controls and Intelligence, SecurelyShare’s Vault.Direct is an organized and intelligent inbox designed to enable secure and trusted communication of sensitive data between enterprises and their customers. It is a scalable,
pluggable and secure cloud platform to onboard organizations from different data domains and enable secure data delivery. Sensitive data can be shared securely using Vault.Direct; from Documents, notifications, to messages which include bank statements, health records, payroll records, invoices, etc. Moreover, built with distributed architecture principles, this platform provides a rich set of REST APIs, SDKs for integration with any core banking systems, statement engines, invoice systems, payroll systems and others for secure document delivery.

SecurelyShare was part of NetApp Excellerator and graduated from the program in July 2019. During the period, Vault.Direct platform was integrated with the NetApp StorageGrid

Enabling Best-in-standard Integrations
Vault.Direct + Outlook - Vault.Direct can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook to enable on-demand secure delivery of sensitive data to customers, vendors, and partners. They provide a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook through which data is protected at rest and also while on the move. Moreover, the sender can track the use of the information for the entire lifetime of the data and expire it whenever deemed necessary. Vault. Direct + NetApp - Vault.Direct platform is integrated with NetApp Storage Grid to solve the data residence concerns for the enterprises by providing security for data at rest, while significantly increasing data security and convenience for end users. Vault.Direct + AscentHR - Vault.Direct integrated with the payroll system of Ascent HR can enable organizations in securing the delivery of payroll data to employees. Vault.Direct + Ascent Lexcare – This integration will efficiently secure sensitive information while preventing unwarranted disclosures. Moreover, complete usage of all the documents that are circulated between various parties is also carefully tracked.