Netsach: Combining Automated and Manual Security Assessment Approaches for IT Risk Management

CIO Vendor IT Risk management has become a highly essential part for businesses to survive in today’s regulatory environment. The enormous compliance effort to deal with multiple regulations separately and audit each of them individually often distracts an enterprise’s ability to identify its true level of risk exposure. Moreover, ineffective risk management can hinder the organization’s ability to remain competitive in the market and can even lead to serious security breaches.

Perfectly understanding the importance of cyber security solutions and ensuring the company data is protected, Bangalore headquartered Netsach provides IT Risk Management and Infrastructure Security Services that help in providing assistance for businesses on security goals, security posture and security architecture alternatives. The company follows a unique process that helps in identifying the threats. The first step in the process begins with the analysis of the current situation such as analyzing the criticality risk factor involved in the business side of the issue. Later, based on these parameters, Netsach looks for detection of intrusion along with findings of the attack. With the company’s VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing) on infrastructure solution, which is a blend of automated and manual technical security assessment approach, Netsach identifies all the common vulnerabilities indicated by OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) standard and other industry leading frameworks.

“We have always looked at offering the right solutions and services to our customers,” says John Prakash Jha, Founder & CEO of Netsach. The company’s track record shows that it has achieved a 99 per cent customer satisfaction rating. “The reason behind our success is that we completely understand the challenges faced by our clients and only then customize
solutions according to their requirements,” adds Emily Jha, Co-founder and COO of Netsach.

What differentiates Netsach from the other players is its provision of scalable security solutions with risk driven approach to organizations, service delivery options and financial model to meet customer’s budgets and expectations, low cost IT security protection and management of security services to address security risks for cloud and virtualization.

The reason behind our success is that we completely understand the challenges faced by our clients and only then customize solutions according to their requirements

Centrally driven structure
Data is recognized as an important corporate asset that needs to be protected as loss of information can lead to direct financial losses. Netsach helps clients to protect their data, manage security and liabilities. The company’s Data Protection Consultant team helps clients to govern risks and ensure compliance as well. Organizations can also secure data and ensure agreement with data protection solutions built into a combined, centrally driven structure operated by Netsach. Netsach’s data protection solutions accommodate with the clients’ current security infrastructure, allowing them to decrease costs while protecting sensitive data and fulfilling compliance goals. The various other services provided by Netsach includes IT governance, Risk and compliance services and Threat management services.

Netsach is currently working on IoT security findings and implementations and is planning to expand its business globally. “Our vision is to be the top service based company in providing cyber-security, AI, Robotics & IoT solutions,” concludes John.