INSIGHT: Simplifying Cyber Security needs with Managed Security Services

CIO Vendor With the advancement of technology, security threats are becoming more complex and have more critical impact on business. Dangers such as zeroday exploits and ransomware are affecting small & medium Enterprises businesses and Firewall, antivirus products simply can't keep up.

Unfortunately, SMB’s are the most targeted segment today and this is damaging their Business growth. For example, Verizon’s “2018 Data Breach Investigations Report” found that about 58 percent of all data breaches target small businesses. In addition, 60 percent of SMBs hit with a data breach close within six months. Today any SME can quickly adopt a new technology by deploying a new hardware however, the same are equally slow to adopt the Security strategies and services which will confidently enable them to embrace change in today’s dynamic landscape.

INSIGHT offers 3 segments of services- Incident Response & Remediation Services, Governance, Risk & Compliance Services, Advanced Services

Based out of Chennai, Ensure Support Services (India) Ltd delivers Managed Security Services through brand INSIGHT from their ISO27001-2013 certified Security Operation Centre(SOC). INSIGHT through its services helps the organizations develop Security Practices, Process & Compliance to reduce vulnerabilities and Biz risk. The company always begin by helping clients understand and quantify their risk profiles, identify critical data assets, and assess their current security strategies and levels of protection.

“According to survey, 61 percent respondent cited implementation of new security processes as the most important focus. Security is not a one day activity or implementing a Security tool in Datacentre, but a systematic approach towards achieving business Compliance”, says Diptesh Saha, Head - Cyber Security & Managed Services Practice, Ensure Support Services (India) Ltd.

Comprehensive Suite of Services
INSIGHT offers 3 segments of services- Incident Response & Remediation Services, Governance, Risk & Compliance Services, Advanced Services. Incident Response & Remediation services has two offerings– SIEM as a Service model and SOC as a Service model. SIEM as a Service model is purely a green field deployment wherein the customer can enjoy instant Incident Management practice and & Process compliance. It covers security monitoring and management, emergency response and round the clock detection from the most critical & potential threats. The SOC as a service model gives customer better ROI and protection of existing investment. INSIGHT also gives due importance to the risk that arise with respect to compliance. Therefore, their Governance, Risk & Compliance services like ISO 27001 Assesment & Certfication, Vulnerability assessment & Penetration tesing, PCI DSS Assesment & Compliance helps organizations with the setup & improvement of systems and process Compliance.

INSIGHT’s advanced services comprise a good part of consulting services where the customer’s present infrastructure is analyzed entirely to identify the areas that require changes. The company provides end-to-end design and deployment services for all cyber security solutions starting from end point security to infrastructure security to cloud security. Ensure’s INSIGHT Team works with organizations in designing end-to-end solutions that help them realize better value from their technology investment.

In the near future Ensure is working towards building AI capability Services and focus on Mobility into their cyber security Portfolio. Since the company focuses on the SME segment, it understands that the skill gap is often a drawback in adoption of security strategies. Therefore Company’s CEO SV RAO is commited to develop this portfolio in coming years and further strengthen Service capabilities to address the needs of SMB.

Ensure Support Services, Redington group is operating in Indian market for past 25 years and some of the other key Service portfolio they offer today Infrastructre Management Services, Datacentre Managed Services, Managed Print Services, Telecom & Ewaste Management.