7i Security Solutions : Comprehensive Security Measures that Do Not Need Looking Back

CIO Vendor Organizations have recognized the importance of having ‘roadblocks’ to protect the private information from becoming public, especially when that information is privileged. However, the various levels of vulnerability to the information make it cumbersome to keep a check. 7i Security Solutions (7iSS) is a subsidiary firm of Deccan Infotech Private Limited (DIPL). DIPL, established in 1996, for over two decades has been consulting and assessing security for its customers through various services, but was not into products or implementations of security solutions. 7iSS was conceived by the co-founder Dr. Dilip H Ayyar’s vision to bring all the security services under 1 roof. A fair credit to 7iSS’ foundation also goes to DIPL’s esteemed clients who sought DIPL’s expertise in identifying, Implementing and maintaining their security posture to prevent, protect and ameliorate the security infrastructure. The Core team has more than 100 man years of Information security experience and that experience has leveraged into an invaluable source of expertise that clients benefit and trust. With combined efforts, 7iSS and DIPL are developing tools for specific purposes that will immensely help organizations to quickly identify and address security issues in E-mail, Domain reputation and mobile apps. These are designed to be simple to use with an objective to provide ample information so that the issues are resolved quickly.

With the breadth of security systems available in the market, it can be tempting to simplify the decision process by choosing a one-size-fits-all system. However, this is where most businesses can go wrong. 7iSS team conducts a detailed anatomization to determine the ensuing course of action and technologies required to prevent, protect and detect emerging threats. This helps the company to focus on critical protection measures encompassing people, process and technology. “Our team incessantly ventures to update skills to the ever changing security landscape not only
for knowledge enrichment but to provide out of the box thinking leading to a well delineated solution”, says Dr. Dilip.

Accurate Security Measures
One of 7iSS’ clients in the financial domain intended to take their information security measure, a notch higher. Therefore, 7iSS was approached. The 7iSS team was called to evaluate, suggest and implement acceptable security measures. The task not only involved designing, formulating, promulgating policies and processes based on acceptable standards, but also to implement the right mix of technological security measures, training followed by uninterrupted monitoring and responding to threats. The outcome of this exercise was that the organization availed certifications such as ISO 27K1 and BCM. Today the organization requires 7iSS to only verify that the processes are followed and to ensure that they are in-line with the security requirements.

7iSS is currently working on integrated solutions in house that encircle machine learning, predictive analysis, AI and online threat hunting

7iSS is currently working on integrated solutions in-house that encircle machine learning, predictive analysis, AI and online threat hunting. This solution is scheduled to be released by the end of 2019. Various domain specific parameters/ frameworks are being infused into the solution so as to reveal more specific details on security metrics. More so, peruse the past to define a manageable present that will lead to a reliable and secure future for predicting, analyzing and responding to threats. “The way we see it is to be willing to learn new ways to identify and suppress threats by constant unlearning and relearning”, adds the Co-founder. With that, 7iSS is aimed to help customers protect their data by providing innovative and cost effective solutions.