Promisec: Empowering Organizations to Prevent and Control Cyber Attacks

CIO Vendor Enterprises across the globe are increasingly adopting the BYODBring Your Own Device)and remote/mobile trends. However, as organizations accelerate towards these trends, the enterprise network security perimeter gets weaker, proposing an opportunity for data breaches. In the light of recent massive cyber-attacks like the WannaCry ransomware attack in May 2017 and Petya attack in July 2017, the need for capable endpoint management and security measures has escalated. To combat these threats in an effective manner, Promisec, incepted in 2004, seamlessly manages and controls all the client’s endpoints with its highly scalable and patented Agentless technology. Investing in the technology for complete client satisfaction, the architecture of a server and multi-probes spread in different LANs provides very high and flexible scalability.

The team of professionals at Promisec designed and developed this innovative technology with the capability to provide full visibility and detection of enterprise environments, often uncovering previously invisible vulnerabilities as well. Promisec performs quick endpoint scans for accurate visibility and multi-threaded scanning for higher performance. Offering a host of services, the technology assures users that the endpoints are secure, audits are clean, regulations are met, and vulnerabilities are addressed proactively. The technology provides the flexibility to integrate with other pertinent security solutions like SIEM/SOC, gateway and endpoint protection solutions. All this guarantees a quick implementation cycle and less maintenance thereby translating to a low cost of ownership. “It is the only endpoint solution in the industry that can provide a response capability, to allow Incident response teams to fix endpoint and bring those to the pre-infected stage using Promisec
Agentless solution,” reveals Amir Gil, Promisec Business Director in MER Group TASE:CMER). In conjunction with this, powered by AzureTM cloud, Promisec cloud version offer customers an advanced Agentless functionality that enables a detailed assessment of every endpoint in the environment. With an easy-to-use dashboard for the antivirus, patch management and shadow IT unauthorized software, Promisec conducts a health check assessment that assists customers to perfectly understand where they have issues in their endpoint security and in the process where they need to focus attention.

" It is the only endpoint solution in the industry that can provide a response capability, to allow Incident response teams to fix endpoint and bring those to the pre-infected stage using Promisec Agentless solution"

Aware of the complications in case of a failure in endpoint management like falling out of compliance with regulatory standards (ISO27001, HIPPAA, SOX, GDPR, NIST, CIS and similar ones per industry), MER Group offers its On-Premise key offering - Promisec Endpoint Manager Architecture and technology. This technology can be leveraged to attain accurate information on the overall compliance posture of the endpoints or of specific segments in the network. “Today only 90 percent or 95 percent compliance to policy in the endpoints is not accepted - 100 percent is the target as even one open window or a door can be abused by the hacker,” adds Amir.

Having merged with MER group(TASE:CMER) that has more than 20 branches globally in Latin America, Africa, Europe and APAC, Promisec now has a valuable business boost- access to more medium and large customers in extended territories like Latin America, Africa and APAC. The diverse and skilled team is currently involved in projects with medium and large enterprises in financial sectors, Government and Telecom customers as well as with MSSPs (Managed Security Service Providers). Promisec Endpoint Manager(PEM)and Promisec INTEGRITY cloud solution are already implemented in MSSP projects in Asia, Latin America and Israel and anticipate receiving new projects from Africa and Latin America.