JNR Management Resources: Delivering Private, Secure and Trusted Business Environment

CIO Vendor While dependency on digital information and electronic transactions is on the rise, countless digital identities are being stolen. Entities such as banking institutions and e-commerce websites interact with tons of users daily whose authenticity cannot be easily verified. It is here that the need robust security framework is gravely felt. If one observes the approach of enterprises to security, it will be evident that most organizations largely concentrate on end point or network security, a market that is crowded with a number of solution providers. However, PKI(Public Key Infrastructure) providers remain sparse in number while the ever-increasing customers often remain unsatisfied with the quantity and quality of solutions end-point security providers deliver.

This is where New Delhi based JNR Management Resources has made a name for itself. Extending protection to government institutions, financial organizations and other enterprises, JNR has been spearheading the IT security segment with their expertise over PKI.

" Extending protection to government institutions, financial organizations and other enterprises, JNR has been spearheading the IT security segment with their expertise over PKI"

Citing Google Chrome 68's ability to autofilter non-secure(non-https)websites and end-point network-encryption, Prashant Jain, Director JNR explains how it has become a benchmark for any browser and security framework a like. Guaranteeing security of transactions also develops trust, which is the cornerstone for a lot of industries today such as e-banking and e-commerce. Hence, JNR’s PKI solutions
include mandatory SSL and TLS based encryption of all network traffic. Any content that is hosted and any data transaction by a JNR customer is encrypted and therefore, more secure, private and better trusted, leading to a much higher SEO rank compared to any non-https based website. This further takes care of malware scan and regulatory compliances.

In contemporary times, authentication through user identification and password has also become vulnerable and is no longer considered adequately secure. Thus, along with encryption, JNR also offers OTP based two-factor Authentication(SAAS) and PKI-based multi-factor authentication which checks the validity of digital certificates preceding any user id or password verification.

The niche player also delivers solutions for Data Backup and Recovery, Unified Threat Management and
other security areas.

Beginning their humble journey in 2003, JNR has always remained focused towards customer satisfaction. Staying abreast of technology, the company has moulded its practices to be agile in today’s dynamic business landscape. JNR has also forged partnerships with prominent OEMs and tech-giants such as Digicert with whom the company also gained the status of the only ‘Platinum Elite’ partner in India and South East Asia. A factor that has enabled JNR to exert such dominance over the PKI market segment is their dedicated support services. Prashant Jain elaborates, “We have a renewal rate of 98 percent. What made this possible is our technical support services which serve as the backbone of our solutions. We are equipped to handle any and every technical issue. There is absolutely no reason to go the OEMs for any kind of support.”

Marching forward, JNR is all set to support vendors in the IoT space,delivering security to IoT devices. The company has already a product in line which can expected to be rolled out in the market soon.