F- Secure: Holistic Cyber Security Threat Management

CIO Vendor With trending technologies like mobility, big data analytics, web collaboration and cloud services gaining momentum, enterprises are rapidly transforming their business processes using these upcoming technologies. However, most enterprises do not adopt an enterprise IT security strategy as a prerequisite for a successful business and lack in-house security experts as well. As enterprises are increasingly dependent on information, there is an escalation in the information security breaches that can near cripple a company. Businesses need to rid their traditional perceptions and should acknowledge enterprise IT security as one of the top most priority or succumb to compromising on the safety of personal data, enterprise cyber infrastructure, digital intellectual property and even business-critical apps with the strike of targeted and opportunistic attacks, uncalculated security lapses due to lack of knowledge and vulnerable web services. Stakeholders need to employ the appropriate information, security strategy and adequate measures that can be seamlessly deployed across the organizations’ security goals and policies in a more integrated way to defend organisations’ information infrastructure against any plausible internal or external threats. Moreover, regulatory requirements are also becoming stricter in different regions and industries, thereby enforcing compliance towards these set regulations.

Enterprises are on the lookout for solution providers that can meet their holistic security needs rather than work with multiple vendors, each with their own management consoles and special needs in terms of expertise and resources. Coming to the fore is the leading enterprise security solutions giant, F-secure that facilitates organizations with its array of integrated solutions, permitting a full coverage of the varied security needs, including vulnerability management, gateway protection, endpoint protection and advanced threat protection. With the ubiquity of personal mobile phones and the shift towards BYOD, the endpoint security offering covers mobile devices in business use. Catering to this segment, the team of skilled professionals offer anti-malware capabilities, public network traffic encryption, application and browsing protection,and privacy protection. These services are then combined with the device management feature that enables IT departments to enforce security policies, track their mobile device fleet, and lock and wipe lost or stolen devices that may contain critical data.

A Blend of Expertise and Advanced Technologies
What keeps this company a step ahead of the gamut of solution providers that have permeated into the market is the firm belief that comprehensively predicting, preventing, detecting and responding to threats that companies encounter, requires the perfect blend of the latest human expertise and being at par with advancing technologies. To achieve successful detection and prevention of any malicious attacks organizations must invest in solid cyber breach prevention in today’s complex and increasingly digital business environment. Additionally, one must also be prepared to detect and respond to new types of attacks that may surface. “What sets us apart is the merged combination of our extensive human knowledge and insight – gained through red teaming exercises, incident response gigs, world renowned malware labs, etc. combined with smart software and cutting-edge AI into a single entity. We call this Live Security,” reveals Keith Martin, Head of APAC and Japan, F-secure.

Yet another expectation established is that the solutions should provide the highest class of protection. This is typically verified through independent 3rd party test results, such as AV TEST, where F-Secure’s endpoint protection solutions have reached the highest marks of ‘best protection’, both consistently and longer than any other solution.

For three decades, F-Secure has driven innovations in cyber security, defending tens of thousands of companies and millions of people. With unsurpassed experience in endpoint protection as well as detection and response, F-Secure shields enterprises and consumers against everything from advanced cyber attacks and data breaches to widespread ransomware infections.

The company’s sophisticated technology combines the power of machine learning with the human expertise of its world-renowned security labs for a singular approach called Live Security. F-Secure’s security experts have participated in more European cyber crime scene investigations than any other company in the market, and its products are sold all over the world by over 200 broadband
and mobile operators and thousands of resellers. Their broad cyber security portfolio includes both software solutions, such as vulnerability management, endpoint protection, EDR, VPN, cloud services security, and Internet security. This product set is supplemented by a wide range of cyber security and consulting services including incident response, forensics, managed EDR, threat intelligence, red teaming, hardware security assessments, and airline and automobile related security assessments. “We have been able to achieve double-digit growth for several years thanks to investments to expand our cyber security portfolio. This has happened through a combination of acquisitions and organic growth, and this extended product and service portfolio has allowed us to vie for a greater percentage of our customers’ cyber security related needs,” informs Keith.

" What Sets Us Apart Is The Merged Combination Of Our Extensive Human Knowledge And Insight – Gained Through Red Teaming Exercises, Incident Response Gigs, World Renowned Malware Labs, Etc. – Combined With Smart Software And Cutting-Edge Ai Into A Single Entity. We Call This Live Security"

F-secure team has strategically designed AI-powered endpoint security solutions that constantly analyze the devices and search for vulnerabilities and other points of information leakage. A paradigm shift from the traditional security strategies, these solutions leverage clustering, classification, regression, pattern matching, as well as association rule-based machine learning algorithms that can not only detect an on-going cyber-attack but also anticipate it through a vulnerability present in the IT network. In conjunction with this, the security solutions are layered in order to protect the critical assets of a company. The first line of defence comprises botnet blockers, connection control, web content control, and web advanced protection that covers not only endpoints but also servers, gateways, emails and other forms of communication. The second line of defence encompasses cloud security, automated patch management, and virtual security. Furthermore, harnessing the power of the team’s industry-rich expertise and advanced technologies, the company designed and developed the robust Deep Guard scanning engine which utilizes a combination of behavioral analysis, file reputation analysis, and exploit interception to block malware from giving a hacker a foothold into the company’s systems. “As a final piece of our multilayer approach to security, our detection and response solutions are able to detect even the most advanced attacks that may have been able to bypass normal preventive measures (e.g. Insider threats, non-malware attacks). This approach saves both the business as well as its customer base from falling prey to a cyber attack,” says Keith.

Eliminating Internal and External Threats
Gaining a strong foothold in this domain, one of the company’s novel products is F-secure Radar, designed as a turnkey vulnerability scanning and management platform that performs the identification and management of internal and external threats, offers standard and customized reports on risks, and is compliant with current and future regulations such as PCI and GDPR. One can map the full attack surface with network and port scanning. F-Secure Radar also features web crawling technology called Internet Asset Discovery, which helps companies uncover potentially vulnerable assets found on the unindexed deep web.

24x7 Availability of Professional and Certified Consultants
Continually striving to maintain the leadership position, the company recently added the F-Secure Rapid Detection and Response solution to its portfolio of offerings. This feature rich solution provides immediate visibility into the client’s IT environment and security status. The solution performs a quick breach detection process that protects the business and sensitive information. Perfectly understanding that companies face a huge shortage in cyber security skills and the need for managed security services, F-secure comes to the aid with its highly qualified cyber security consultants and a global network of F-Secure certified cyber security partners to ensure the availability of such services. F-secure assures that the in-house teams are trained and have the necessary skills and expertise. Available round-the clock, the experts extend their services towards helping the company’s reseller partners to work with the most difficult detections.

Gearing up for the Future
Enthralled with their progress in this sector and envisioning reaching greater heights, F-secure recently acquired a global cyber security company MWR Info Security. This acquisition adds an industry leading threat hunting platform to the company’s detection and response offering, and expands the cyber security services to the biggest markets globally. Mapping out the future, F-secure plans to expand its business footprint in this high growth region.