CyberArk: Thwarting the Growth of Cyber Attacks with Robust Access Controls

CIO Vendor Data is at the heart of all businesses operations. And, while all data is not created equal, ensuring absolute security of the most critical data in the increasingly unsafe cyber world is imperative. The role of security solution providers as an enabler for organisations, helping them function smoothly without any threat to their core strategies while championing over day-to-day risks have made them intrinsic to the business ecosystem.

Founded nearly two decades back with the mission to protect access to sensitive information against attackers and malicious insiders that have penetrated the network perimeter, Cyber-Ark is still spearheading the segment with the same focus. Securing over 3,800 businesses globally, including more than 50 percent of the Fortune 100, CyberArk offers a category of targeted security solutions that help organisations stop reacting to cyber threats and get ahead of the game by thwarting their growth before irreparable harm is done. Rohan Vaidya Regional Director of Sales-India at CyberArk shares, “Securing privileged access within organisations is vital to meet regulatory requirements and to prevent threats that penetrate the perimeter moving laterally within the network. We lead the market in securing enterprises against cyber attacks that take cover behind insider privileges and attack critical enterprise assets”.

This aim of protecting privileged access is manifested through the highly sophisticated CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault which reduces the risk of attacks using compromised privileged account credentials. Architected around a vault, the solution contains multiple safes, each of which is independent and can only be accessed
through explicit permission, controlling access to sensitive data or
assets so only authorised people or applications can get to them. Without the required credentials and verified access rights, access to these business assets is almost impossible. Delivered on premise and from the cloud, businesses can choose to scale the solution per their needs while seamlessly integrating the CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault to their existing infrastructure.

" We lead the market in securing enterprises against cyber attacks that take cover behind insider privileges and attack critical enterprise assets"

Further strengthening the architecture around access control is CyberArk’s Application Identity Manager which contributes to the security framework by storing, monitoring, tracking and rotating credentials and passwords according to policy in a secure digital vault. This addresses a critical loophole which surfaces because many users store credentials as clear texts or hard-code them - or even store them locally. This leaves attackers or malicious insiders with ample opportunity to breach security. By automating the process of management and rotation of credentials, the solution further benefits businesses with reduced IT resources required to secure assets.

CyberArk’s portfolio of security solutions also includes CyberArk Conjur and CyberArk EndPoint Privilege Manager. Identifying unmanaged privileged access at the heart of cyber attacks, the company aims to continue working in alignment to the founding goal. Building awareness around all areas of modern cyber security and privacy is yet another area in which CyberArk greatly believes in. As such, Rohan Vaidya divulges that in 2016 CyberArk launched C3 Alliance to bring enterprise software, IT security and services providers together to deliver proactive protection by putting privileged account security at the core of cyber security strategies.Today, the programme is approximately a hundred partners strong with over one hundred product integrations that have been enabling customers to derive greater value from existing security investments.