Peritas - Securing Organizations Across All Verticals from Endpoint to Gateway

CIO Vendor Markets and Markets forecast the cyber security market to reach USD 202.36 Billion by 2021. The driving factors of this growth include rise in e-commerce, IoT and online payments, increasing usage of mobile applications, rigidness of government regulations etc. Some of the security concerns faced by enterprises today are data privacy concerns like BYOD, mobiles, e-mail security, data in transition, compliance issues, and vulnerabilities due to not updating firm wares among others. In order to cater to these issues, it is imperative for an organization to provide solutions throughout security lifecycle management.

Headquartered in Bangalore, Peritas offers technologically advanced enterprise-class solutions which provide security in the neo-threat space. Peritas identifies itself as a total IT Security Solutions provider. It provides solutions for all domains ranging from enterprise security to gateway security. Some of its solutions include security assessment-vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, threat-risk analysis, security policy formulation, policy implementation and enforcement, auditing, monitoring and management. “Our hallmark is the trust we are able to instill in our customers about the quality of product we supply and services we offer,” states Subhendu Prasad Jena, Director, Peritas. Peritas’s product IBlock, which started off as a web/ content filtering solution, is going to be the ultimate solution through which Peritas is going to offer all the services. Peritas’s Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VA/PT) services combine automated tools and manual expertise to assess various vulnerabilities in both the network and application and offer a near zero false positive report and proof of penetration along with remediation.
Peritas’s web/ content filtering solution offer dynamic classification of any website that’s being browsed at real time and protects against malwares.

Peritas offers technologically advanced enterprise class solutions which provide security in the neo-threat space

Peritas also offers a common access card solution which combines physical and logical access rights-in the form of a single ID card, combined with a powerful identity and credentials management system. With the help of Identity Federation, users no longer require distinct credentials for each domain instead use a single sign-on, whereby one-off authentication grants seamless access to a host of federated services. PKI Solution delivers an end to end security concept based on encryption. Most of the current banks, corporates are using Nexus PKI Solutions from them. BYOD Solution offers airtight integration of devices without any need to install additional software at the end users device, and any sensitive corporate data accessed remotely leaves no trace on the device itself.

Elaborating on the future plans, Subhendu says “In the next 5 years we will be transforming into a Services company going beyond the traditional IT services. Technology is evolving; IoT will provide much more opportunities for services especially for the home users. The SOHO market will be very big and opportunities will arise from the rural market upwards. We will also evolve to cater to these opportunities. We will be the one point contact for all the Security needs of our Partners/Customers.