Metmox - Terminating Cyber Threats with Proactive as well as Reactive Approach

CIO Vendor The global cyber security market is estimated to swell up to $170 Billion by 2020. The advent and wide acceptance of new technologies, future ready tools, the cut throat competition, growing market demand as well as non-technical factors such as strong finance are all directly or indirectly responsible for driving the global cyber security. The domestic market with competencies in emerging mobile and IOT technologies has provided a congenial environment for the growth of passionate security professionals alongside skillful hackers. However, ransomware, zero-day vulnerability, social engineering activities, phishing and above all, lack of user knowledge continue to make the enterprises highly vulnerable to cyber threats.

Hyderabad, India and Chicago, USA based METMOX takes a proactive and reactive stand to tackle cyber threats. The expert team at METMOX implements strong processes and techniques from time to time assessing risks of zero-day vulnerabilities to dealing with emerging threats. An association with METMOX provides clients with the advantage of the METMOX Global Security Operation Center that delivers malware management, SIEM events analysis, end point management, SSL certificate management, cloud services and audits. Delineating on METMOX’s preparedness to tackle cyber threats at all times, the CEO of METMOX, Srikanth Parepally explains, “Most of the attacks and data breach are detected and remediated immediately with the continuous monitoring and effective analysis procedures. We take a deep dive at customer infrastructure to understand the domain of their business and diversity of network to devise pro-active planning, containment of threats to building reactive posture to quickly act to prevent any cyber threats that occur time to time. This includes working with the clients to set up Firewall, proxy policies and rules to tune out false positives. METMOX work on DLP Suites to make sure there is no confidential data breach.” Metmox offers its unique process based threat models, security intelligence while managing whole gamut of tools and technologies that are trending and established, to keep customers at their best defence.
Keeping in view the ability of malicious activities of phishing and ransom¬ware to compromise the CIA triad, METMOX puts its tremendous efforts to protect the customer from these threats. Srikanth Parepally delineates their approach, “First, our team works with the customer to conduct information security awareness campaigns for phishing-related issues. Following this, the team uses infrastructure monitoring tools and skills to analyze the content and source of the emails. We always make sure that our malware process is strong and thereby include endpoints signature updates and software upgrades to proactively deal with ransomware and phishing threats. We make best efforts to counter IoT threats and benefit our clients in terms of advanced security”.

Hyderabad, India and Chicago, USA based METMOX takes a proactive and reactive stand to tackle cyber threats

With 24x7 support service, services on the configurations of LANs, VLANs, managing the port access on Networks, monitoring Network Health, METMOX is also strongly positioned to provide the best in class Net¬work Operations to clients.

METMOX believes in smart work. The detailed strategies that touch every aspect of the organization and skills always set the firm apart. Srikanth Parepally, providing an insight into what strengthens the team says, “We rely on technology and tools for effective understanding on the ongoing and analyze the threat level to our clients and provide proper recommendations.” Proactive and reactive services, approach to the incident and recommendations to the customer for threats have proved to be quite effective and the team has often been applauded for their exceptional services. Dedicated resource and a passionate workforce with the thirst to unwind every the potential challenge posed in the cyber security world not only gives METMOX an edge but also makes them force to be reckoned with in the cyber security world.