KairoSols - Redefining the Security Posture by Providing Cost Effective Security Testing Solutions

CIO Vendor Cyber security cannot be overlooked especially since the advent of IoT and BYOD. Enterprises often look for highly secure solutions to tackle the increasing numbers of fraudsters and cyber-criminals. However, organizations looking for security testing services face a lot of problems with regards to cost and expertise in the market. Providing cost effective security testing solutions is Kairosols which offers solutions by customizing standard approaches to address clients’ requirements.

Kairosols' security testing services are designed to provide clients the ability to evaluate the security of their web applications, software and infrastructure quickly, accurately, and affordably. Kairosols serves the role of an independent, third-party system of record, conducting a consistent, unbiased analysis of an application, infrastructure and provides a detailed tamperproof report back to the security and development teams. Some of their services include Network vulnerability and Penetration Testing services, Application penetration testing, Consulting services, Mobile application services along with Secure Code Reviews and a RapidFind Platform. “Based on the client’s requirements, our flexible security testing methodology and processes can be adopted to provide testing at various stages of a secure development life cycle,” states Nesamony Caroline, CEO, KairoSols.

Kairosols Network Security Services identify vulnerabilities which exist on the network as well as on hosts, network equipment like routers, switches, firewalls etc. Kairosols’ consulting services include building security testing practices for customers on Build, Operate and Transfer mode. Kairosols mobile application services provide mobile security and protect against hackers as the user base is rapidly shifting to mobiles.
RapidFind is an Advance Threat Detection Platform which identifies vulnerabilities, based on which RapidFind team executes breach methods and finds the holes before the hacker finds them. Secure code reviews helps eliminate vulnerabilities at an early stage, enhance code effectiveness and reduce application maintenance costs and overall development cost.

At Kairosols, the team adopts an end-to-end comprehensive security testing approach from information congregation to result reporting of uncovering the vulnerabilities

Kairosols has customized solutions to address the requirements of specialized verticals like BFSI, Retail, Healthcare and Application Modernization. “At Kairosols, the team adopts an end-to-end comprehensive security testing approach from information congregation to result reporting of uncovering the vulnerabilities, mitigating the security risks and enhancing the security posture of the applications and products,” states Caroline.

“The current cyber security ecosystem is well-equipped to deal with traditional attacks but in the coming years the attacks will get more sophisticated and difficult to deal with. One has to implement multiple layers of security and should continuously test these multiple layers of security to get protected from cyber attacks,” explains Caroline. Moving forward, Kairosols has plans to continue its focus on security testing, however in the future the team has plans to offer STC's (security testing centres) integrated with test centre of excellence to offer all kinds of security testing services for an organization in a cost-effective way under one umbrella.