Globesecure Technologies - Helping Customers Secure Their Digital Transformation Journey

CIO Vendor Increasing cyber threats has increased the need to adopt newer and niche security solutions that can protect enterprises from significant losses, both monetary and non-monetary. With the increased use of off-the-shelf IT solutions in enterprise, networks are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Open and collaborative networks have increased the threat landscapes and challenges. Against this background, organizations need to partner with a solution provider who understands the urgency and is committed to the need to make the industrial environment threat free. GlobeSecure Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (GST) is the emerging player in the network and cyber security solutions provider space in India.

GST is helping its customers on securing their digital transformation journey to meet the demands of operating in today’s complex threat environment. With their next-generation network security architecture framework, GST is able to provide their customer with services and solutions related to network and security audit, targeted attacks, ransomware attacks, DDoS attacks, threat and vulnerability management, enterprise security, incident management and response, redesign security architecture and its implementation, and training.

Today, the top concern of CIO’s/CISO’s is attracting and retaining skilled cyber security resources. In order to address the gap, they can partner with GST that not only has cyber security solutions but also the much required skill resources.

With the rise in cyber-attacks, secure enterprise network is primary. So now cyber security is at the core of mobility & cloud adoption journey for enterprise of any sizes. Working with GST allows you to plan, design, test and implement your mobility and cloud initiatives with security at the core. “We can partner with you to help you achieve your mobility and cloud strategy goals, maintain security and enable new business models faster than you possibly thought”, asserts Faisal Shaikh, Sales Director, GlobeSecure Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
With the proficient team, GST has designed a network security architecture framework which will help enterprises rethink and redesign their cyber security strategies to address rapidly evolving business needs and threats. “Managing network security can be extremely difficult when you layer in the additional complexities of compliance mandates, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and mobility, lack of visibility and the requirement to quickly solve problems”, asserts Faisal. GST provides a wide range of network security services and solutions to help clients understand the right improvements for their infrastructure and separate real threats from security noise.

We can partner with you to help you achieve your mobility and cloud strategy goals, maintain security and enable new business models faster than you possibly thought

The Network Security Audit Service of GST helps organizations identify assets and gaps, plan performance enhancement or deploy new service. They also provide Network Compromise Assessment Service, which is designed to help organizations in proactively evaluating their network environment for possible malware compromises, presence of persistent threats and more. Yet another network security service is the Network Architecture Review, focused on maintaining high-level security requirement for each tier of your network and determines areas lacking in security and assists in designing a secure and robust architecture.

There are a whole range of security services covered by GST that includes- Breach Readiness Assessment, Cyber Forensics, Endpoint Security, Cloud Security, Network Security, DDoS Testing and Security, etc.

GST provide solutions in the space Next-Gen Firewall, Deception Technology, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), ATP, NAC and more. With this expertise from GST, a trusted security solutions provider, organizations can have a proactive, planned and holistic approach to enterprise security.