Auriga - Expert Consultants Bolstering Enterprise IT Infrastructure

CIO Vendor Compromising enterprise security will inevitably prove to be a self driven blow which organisations may never recover from. Thankfully, industry honchos and CIO’s are becoming increasingly aware and security has taken a centre stage at enterprises worldwide with an estimated 64% increase in the allocation of budgets for protection against known security threats. As enterprises undergo digital transformation, the focus on mobility and the recent boost in IoT devices has resulted in a staggering growth of the enterprise security market. However the recent spurt in sophisticated cyber-threats such as ransomware and DDoS still continue to keep the management at their toes.

Pune based Auriga, is equipped with team of enterprise security consultants who bring in expertise over different aspects of technology requirements and provide clients with a holistic offering spanning through hardware and software solutions. Cognitive computing, hybrid cloud, IoT, blockchain are among the technologies at Auriga that promise to drive real growth to enterprises. When asked about what makes Auriga stand apart, the Director of Auriga, Shantanu Dahale delineates, “We do not configure or setup the solutions, but we train and encourage client IT staff and get the things done. The implementation goes longer but there is zero dependency on Auriga.”

The consultants at Auriga, not only enable customers to predict and disrupt threats, manage risk and compliance across all platforms but extend the clients own security team enabling the core team to focus on what matters the most.

Taking us through Auriga’s approach to designing security, Shantanu explains their five step process which begins with business analysis.
Here the consultants will assess the existing network infrastructure, in either onsite or offshore model, to understand the current and future networking needs and thereby formulate a network strategy and solution design. This is followed by synergizing the deployed infrastructure and Auriga’s skill set to design reliable and robust infrastructure that complies with the business requirements. At the optimization stage, the infrastructure is structured to provide an optimization roadmap toward a dynamic IT. This roadmap helps companies to define and implement optimization initiatives that will enable proactive IT management and deliver cost and risk reductions across IT. The consultants divides the improvement areas in IT infrastructure, which are implanted in a continuous process allowing scalable results in a short term along with minimizing the typical risks.

Cognitive computing, hybrid cloud, IoT, blockchain are among the technologies at Auriga that promise to drive real growth to enterprises

Shantanu further explains, “With objective to determine if the protective controls put in by organizations to safeguard its information assets are in place, Auriga provides VAPT services. The aim is to mitigate internal risks to the infrastructure confidential data. We of-fer internal vulnerability assessment to find out and close high and medium level vulnerabilities that exists on your infrastructure and methods of mitigating them.”
Keeping in view that customers are often price sensitive yet value conscious, Auriga perfectly fits into this segment with robust solutions that are value for money. Adherence to international standards of deployment, quality solutions delivered on time, excellent support services and a proven methodology has established Auriga as a primary IT solutions provider across all verticals. In the near future, one can expect Auriga to lead the way with foot prints as a deployment partner.