WinMagic- Weaving the Magic to Combine Exceptional User Experience with Optimum Security

CIO Vendor As organizations increasingly encrypt data to comply with regulatory requirements and protect the data assets from malicious attackers, managing a growing list of encryption keys and credential files has become a major challenge.Headquartered in Ontario with its Indian Headquarters in Gurgaon and offices in Mumbai and Bangalore, WinMagic provides intelligent key management for encryption with robust and user friendly data security solutions. SecureDoc, the company’s flagship offering to its clients secures data wherever it is stored thereby providing the enterprises supreme grade encryption and key management policies across all operating systems. Furthermore, the solution platform meets privacy and regulatory compliances thus ensuring that valuable information is duly protected against unauthorized access. Helping clients manage their encryption in laptops, tablets, cloud and cloud storage environments, WinMagic has been in the industry for over 18 years.

SecureDocCloudSync, WinMagic’s solution for Cloud users enforces transparent file encryption on Cloud folders to ensure that data is protected before it leaves the endpoint. This methodology eradicates the risks of any data breaches in the cloud. The application moreover, synchronizes the encrypted content transparently thus paving way for an improved Cloud security by ensuring that the files remain encrypted in the Cloud. WinMagic’s Cloud solution spans across multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS and Android and uses FIPS 140-2 certified 256-bit cryptographic engine. “The encrypted data can be shared transparently between the users having access to the same encryption key (no password required) and separate passwords can be set to share data externally.
In addition to this, FileViewers are available for iOS and Android platforms to allow encrypted data to be shared with non-SecureDocCloudSync users. In short the solution enables customers to have seamless access to the EFSS platforms while ensure complete security” says Rahul Kumar, Country Manager WinMagic. Managed centrally by SecureDoc Enterprise Server (SES), Encryption keys and cloud policies provide full control to IT administrators over data security. The fact that the encryption keys are not controlled by third parties coupled with the element of easy recovery of encrypted data by the IT admin considerably lightens the load of the C level executives. Moreover, the Drag and Drop feature of the application showcases a simple and familiar way for users to manage their files and folders. Thus, WinMagic successfully combines the most sought after security aspect with a seamless user experience.

WinMagic’s Cloud solution spans across multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

A successful implementation that the company takes pride in is that at a Big 4 Consulting company and the recent addition of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in India. These clients were facing data recovery issues and were stumped when they realized that the whole process would take them at the least 2 to 3 days. WinMagic stepped in and slashed down those 3 days to 10 minutes. Powered with success stories as these, WinMagic is ever ready to help clients to solve their encryption challenges, especially those related to the Cloud and Storage. The company intends to be the biggest Intelligent Key Management for Encryption Company, 10 years down the lane.