International Infocom Technologies (IITPL) - Thwarting SMB IT Security Threats via Intelligent Techn

CIO Vendor Security lists as the number one concern for SMBs due to the constantly changing IT landscape. As a result, businesses are searching for a vendor who can provide them with a proper risk assessment plan and a security plan in the case of emergencies. That being said, not all vendor can provide contingency plans and figuring the one who would not only understand customer’s IT security needs well then educate adequately before building the right one, is rare.

Thwarting SMB IT Security Threats via Intelligent Technology Solutions & Services

Headquartered out of Mumbai, International Infocom Technologies (IITPL) first undertakes an in-depth study of the customer’s business security needs via an intelligently created questionnaire that identifies client’s pain points. Analyzing the questionnaire responses, IITPL lays out the best technologies and possible solutions that could battle these dilemmas. Soon after, the company educates the client on these solutions; thus enabling the clients to make an informed decision rather than implementing a half-baked IT solution that is perceived as working.
“In lot of cases, customers get solutions installed & believe it is working while it’s just a vanilla configuration because of which either they are not working or are not optimally working” adding “We ensure that our solutions yield visible results. And so, once the installation phase is concluded as per the desired need, we undertake proper follow up verification process. Thus, we ensure that the implemented solution is monitored, analyzed and fine tuned to meet the client’s changing needs,” says, Satish Agadi, CEO.

Understand, Design, Implement Right & Track Strategy!
Understanding the perils that the clients face with regards to data leaks, IITPL have come up with desktop virtualization solutions that are coupled with security solutionsto cater to SME segment. ‘Data at rest & data at transit can be attempted for security in 3 basic layers’ Server level, local network level & at technology bit level. He further adds- “Whether the client needs all of it or mix of any two is what we need understand before building a solution”. Standing testimony to this is Modera Electronics; a national level distributor for Motorola. IITPL built a solid server with all necessary security implementations that began with about just 10 thin-clients but later expanded to add up 65 odd thin clients within a span of a year. This calls for understanding client’s current & future needs before building an IT infrastructure that should become economical yet optimally useful. Building tech solutions that make clients use tally kind of software from remote locations seamlessly in secured environment through Propalms is yet another example. Not only does it saved initial implementation costs for the clients, but shoots down the recurring cost too. The company was successful in creating a technology centre for Ma Niketan, an orphanage in Maharashtra. The company skillfully set up a server wherein all the required applications were installed over Propalms. This enabled the kids to pull out any of the application document and work seamlessly.

With thriving implementations to their credit, the company is looking forward to empower the SMB market segment while simultaneously leaping towards the title of a 100 Crore company within the next few years.