ESS Distribution-Proffering Innovative Solutions to Battle Business Data Security Challenges

CIO Vendor Every year, the threats posed by cyber criminals evolve to turn out to be more lethal in terms of severity and complexity while organizations around the world struggle to keep up with this challenge. As companies invest billions of dollars in Cloud, Wireless, Big Data, Security and other applications, there is a splurge of Enterprise IT vendors that showcase plenty of new products and services. Choosing a reliable security vendor therefore becomes one of the first steps in preventing cyber threats for companies of all sizes and from all segments.

Headquartered in Navi Mumbai, ESS Distribution Pvt. Ltd. provides a wide range of security solutions designed to protect small, medium and large businesses, as well as individual users. ESS stands to be the eldest and trusted distributor of ESET, a globally known European brand offering broad security product portfolio, in India. A decade-long experience in India and other markets, including Europe, Russia and CIS countries, helps ESS Distribution deliver robust and unified business product portfolio. Security solutions have always remained the main focus of ESS. Apart from traditional security software for protection of endpoints and servers, the company is currently promoting innovative solutions designed to protect company’s data more efficiently and cost-effectively. This includes various backup and recovery solutions that help solving many challenges of complex enterprise IT environment, data encryption solutions suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Small businesses and large enterprises require solutions that provide best
user experience and the highest level of protection while able to handle simple and complex network configurations.

“For the business owner the question is always how effective are their investments in IT, while technical staff is more concerned about reliability of the solutions implemented, their impact on IT infrastructure and performance, “ says Eugenia Zabashtan, Business Development Director ESS Distribution. “Being a software distributor with a vast portfolio, we not only recommend our clients best possible solution but ensure smooth deployment at the client’s side relying on the experience and expertise of our channel partners.”

Proffering Innovative Solutions to Battle Business Data Security Challenges

ESS Distribution promotes software products through a large channel network with product sales divided in 3 verticals: Paper License, Retail boxes &online licenses. At present ESS Distribution has an established network of over 200 direct channel partners across India for paper license business in SME, Enterprise, Government and Educational segments. With customers like Metro Shoes, Vasan Healthcare, Automotive Manufacturers Pvt Ltd, ArisGlobal, Pinnacle Infotec, and many others, ESS Distribution is looking forward to expand into the banking, telecom and retail verticals. Envisioning being one of the largest providers of advanced and innovative security and BI solutions to the Indian enterprises, ESS aims at significant position in the SME and SOHO segments in near future.